Our sessions vary in length, from 20-minute ‘info bites’ that can be facilitated during a team meeting to ensure attendance and minimise loss of productivity, to our popular 60-120 minute sessions that can be delivered at any time of day that works best for your business.

For organisations looking to offer their staff a greater depth of content we also offer several topics as a two or three-part series as well as comprehensive half-day and full-day programs. We can tailor workshop and seminar content upon request to achieve the specific needs of your people and business.

Here is a sample of some of our popular Workshops and Seminar titles:

  • More Energy and Bounce
  • Stress Less and Sleep Well
  • Having Health and Happy Relationships
  • Energy Management and NOT Time Management
  • Positive Ageing
  • Move Forward From Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Good Posture, Good Ergonomics at Work and Home
  • Sleep Well
  • Eating Right for your Body and Blood Type
  • Getting Motivated to Exercise


Companies we have worked with include: