Enhance your employees’ wellbeing and performance levels with our comprehensive workplace health checks. An employee’s health is crucial to their daily performance – both personal and professional. If employees are not in good health, they’re not performing as well as they could be.

A large part of remaining healthy is identifying health risks early and making simple, but important, lifestyle changes. Beingwell offers preventative and management tools to improve the health and therefore the performance, of your employees at the workplace.

Servicing workplaces Melbourne-wide, we have three types of corporate health checks available:

Basica Spinal Check (10 mins)

This program uses our spinal screening technology to assess the health of an employee’s spine which affects their overall health, happiness and wellbeing. The checks are performed by our chiropractors who give recommendations and feedback on the health of the spine and how to make improvements in areas such are posture, workplace ergonomics and more.

Classic Health Check (15 mins)

This program focuses on key areas such as cardiovascular disease (healthy heart screening) and diabetes (diabetes screening) as well as spinal health and wellbeing- something extremely important to those working in an office environment.

Assessments performed include blood pressure and resting heart rate, blood sugar levels, full lipid profile (Cholesterol, LDL, HDL and ratio), body mass index, spinal health check and assessment, along with a health questionnaire and record.

The benefits associated with this program ensure that staff become aware of potential risks and learn positive skills for making lifestyle changes.

Health Check Plus (25 mins)

This 25-minute program is our most popular, during this time we can provide a detailed health review for the employee. Assessments performed include blood pressure and resting heart rate, blood sugar levels, full lipid profile (Cholesterol, LDL, HDL and ratio), body mass Index, skin check, iridology test, live blood analysis and full spinal and chiropractic assessment with recommendations.

The assessment enables the detection of potential issues that may affect an employee’s health and productivity. Providing them with an overall look at the state of their health with recommendations and scope for them to review and action if necessary.

Executive Health Check

Executive Health Checks are the new benchmark in executive health and performance management including hormone analysis and early detection of chronic diseases through detailed pathology testing and state of the art diagnostic technology. By identifying hormone imbalances and chronic diseases early, before physical symptoms appear, a corrective plan can be implemented to immediately reverse any negative effects ensuring that optimal health and performance are maintained.

Companies we have worked with include: