Hours at our desks each day can lead to all sorts of issues including repetitive strain injuries and neck and back pain. Untreated these issues can become chronic and result in expensive work cover claims. These issues can also effect a person’s energy levels, concentration and therefore their productivity.

We have experienced health professionals who specialise in ergonomics that can offer your business several options including a detailed ergonomic office workstation evaluation and report with recommendations, targeted feedback to individuals regarding their office/computer set-up, recommendations for injury prevention, assessments and reports for insurance claims. There is also an interactive and engaging ergonomic educational presentation for staff, spinal or musculoskeletal evaluation of injured workers and investigation of other possible underlying problems when a workstation is found to be in good ergonomic working condition and recommendations regarding ergonomic workstation aids such as chairs, foot rests and lifestyle aids such as ergonomic pillows.

  • Workstation Set Up, Posture and Movement Workshop

This fun and interactive workshop teaches the principles and importance of great posture and ergonomics, ideal movement and spinal and body exercises at your desk, and how to use ergonomic equipment ergonomically.

Participants will learn how to evaluate each other’s posture on the spot, and participate in active stretches so they can implement them immediately. They will also have an opportunity to see what an ideal workstation should look like and compare and ask for advice on how to improve their current set-up.