Your body requires a host of microbial metabolities for its metabolism to function effectively. When these metaboloties are lacking, or alternatively, in excessive supply, body processes suffer and symptoms may result.

As the name suggests, the FMA (FAECAL MICROBIAL ANALYSIS) is an extended investigation of the microscopic gut flora of the lower intestinal tract, which are collected from a faecal sample. Microbes from your sample are grown and the presence and actual quantities of faecal bacteria, both aerobes and anaerobes, and yeasts are identified.
If these microbes are significantly outside normal reference ranges an imbalance of the intestinal ecosystem can be specifically identified. lntestinal dysbiosis has been reported in chronic pain & fatigue disorders including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, DAHD and gastrointestinal disorders such as lrritable Bowel Syndrome.

As bacteria produce many important metabolites necessary for health, which can be absorbed from the gut, using the UAA in conjunction with the FMA allows a much better understanding of the processes occurring within the body and their possible effects on your symptoms.

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