Our psychologists and counsellors play an important role in enhancing your overall health and wellbeing by addressing your mental and emotional health. The practice assists people in dealing with life’s common challenges in addition to more serious mental health conditions. Some of the conditions psychology and counselling treat include; depression, anxiety, eating disorders, anger management, sexual and other abuse, personality and behaviour disorders, issues arising from relationship problems, work related issues including motivation and performance management and issues specific to children, such as ADHD, delayed learning difficulties, attachment issues, bullying, school readiness and study skills.

Sessions with our psychologists, counsellor and life coaches are completely confidential and are different for individual needs. An assessment and diagnosis of your situation is performed through a one to one conversation. This allows us to understand you and the changes our health professional can recommend to make things happen. A caring, supportive and proactive plan is then developed with you in the form of meditation, breathing techniques, thought activities and changes in habits, so you can reach balance and happiness.