Delicious, healthy food designed by dietitians and nutritionists. Mom Cafe menu also specialises in meals that are Gluten Free, Fructose Free, Dairy Free, FODMAP friendly, Vegetarian, Vegan, and paleo.


Toast w/ Spreads

Choice of bread with house made strawberry jam, honey or almond butter. (gf, df, vegan optional)


Ancient Grains Chai Porridge

Organic red quinoa and black wild rice cooked in chai infused coconut milk with grilled banana, fresh blueberries, coconut chips, quinoa puffs, crushed activated almonds and pure Canadian maple syrup.

(gf, df, vegan, fodmap optional) (DIGESTION)


Acai or Pitaya Bowl

Topped with fresh seasonal mixed berries, banana, kiwi fruit, pepitas, chia seeds and coconut chips then dusted with beetroot powder.

(gf, df, yf, vegan) (DE-STRESS)


Smashed Avo

On seeded loaf with free range poached eggs, beetroot pesto, radish, blanched broccolini, crushed activated almonds, hemp seeds and goat’s cheese.
(gf, yf, df optional) (SLEEP)


Chilli Scrambled Eggs

Fresh chilli, bok choy, broccolini, roasted Okinawan sweet potato, coriander, sesame seeds and fried shallots. (gf, df, fodmap optional) (IMMUNITY)


Pumpkin and Coconut Pancakes

Served with organic Coyo coconut ice-cream rolled in black and white sesame seeds, fresh blueberries, walnuts, coconut chips, dehydrated banana and pure Canadian maple syrup.

(gf, df, yf) (SLEEP)


Roast Dukkah Spiced Portobello Mushrooms

Served with tofu scramble, blanched green beans, fresh enoki, tomato and an Indian style spinach puree. (gf, df, vegan, yf) (ENERGY)


Open Omelette

Topped with lemongrass hot smoked salmon, kale chips, chard, pinenuts, activated charcoal whipped goat’s cheese and pickled beetroot

(gf, df, yf, fodmap optional) (DE-STRESS)


Eggs Your Way

With a toasted bagel, seeded loaf or gluten free rye (gf)


Bagels (gf)

• Hot roast chicken bagel w/ kale pesto and raw slaw
• Warm vegetable bagel w/ roast sweet potato, kale and beetroot pesto, goat’s cheese and spinach (v) • Cured salmon bagel w/ fresh avocado, capers, rocket and pickled beetroot



Dippy Eggs & Soldiers (gf, df)

Soft boiled eggs with strips of seeded toast (gf, df, yf)


Eggs Their Way

One egg their way and choice of bread (gf, df, yf)


Chicken Tenders

Cooked in maple, tamari and sesame served on roasted sweet potato (gf, df, yf, fodmap)


Pumpkin & Coconut Pancake

Served with crushed pecans and coconut ice cream (gf, df, yf)


HCT Toastie

Classic ham, cheese and tomato toastie in seeded sour dough (gf, yf)




Japanese cabbage pancakes with fried organic tofu, kombucha mayo, crispy shallots and coriander. (gf, df, v, fodmap optional) (IMMUNITY)


Chinese Five-Spice Bone Broth

Seared tamari and maple chicken tenderloins, konjac noodles, fresh oyster mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, wakame and chia seeds.
(gf, df, yf, fodmap) (DIGESTION)


Grilled Crispy Skin Salmon

On Asian greens sauteed in organic pure Canadian maple syrup, sesame and tamari with fried shallots, fresh coriander and agave inulin.
(gf, df, yf, paleo, fodmap optional) (SLEEP)


Baked Eggs

In eggplant, smoky tomato sauce, harissa, spinach, chick peas and goat’s cheese. Served with seeded toast. (please allow 15 mins)
*Chef recommends adding house-made skinless turkey sausages +$6
(gf, yf, fodmap, df optional, vegan optional) (ENERGY)


Macrobiotic Buddha Bowl w/ Cured Salmon

Herbal infused cured salmon, pickled shiitake, fresh cucumber, edamame, wakame, radish, black rice, sesame seeds, kimchi and a free range poached egg.
(gf, df, yf, v optional) (DIGESTION)


Miso Eggplant Bowl

Broccolini & bok choy sautéed in tamari and sesame oil with roast sweet potato on agave inulin black rice. (gf, df, yf, vegan) (IMMUNITY)


Beetroot and Quinoa Salad

Roast beetroot, pickled beetroot, radish, pistachio-rolled goat’s cheese, walnuts and mixed leaves. (gf, v, df optional, vegan optional, paleo optional) (ENERGY)


Warm Moroccan Carrot Salad

Purple carrots with watercress, green beans, hemp seed, hummus, pickled red onion and tahini maple dressing. (gf, df, yf, vegan, fodmap optional) (SLEEP)



Crispy skin salmon fillet


Cured salmon | Turmeric chicken |
House-made skinless turkey sausages | steamed greens


Dukkah spiced Portobello mushroom


Fresh avo w/ sumac | Smashed avo | Miso eggplant


Kimchi | Sauerkraut


Tempeh | Tofu


Oven roasted beetroot


Extra toast




Dietary Information

gf = gluten free | df = dairy free | v = vegetarian | yf = yeast free | ff = fructose free