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Beingwell Healthcare presents Move Within The Breath, an Integrative Qigong Seminar lead by Dr. Andrew Chambers, Chinese medicine practitioner (Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) and Director/Chief instructor of the LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy (South Yarra).

Qigong is a set of moving meditation exercises designed to improve cardio-vascular health, reduce stress and mental fatigue, generate strength, balance and flexibility, maintain good health and well-being, while ensuring that the body and the mind remain harmonious, free from disease.

Andrew will be drawing on the tradition of the “Qi Gathering method” (CaiJi Qigong).

– Link the Mind to become the Breath –

– Lead the Breath to become the Body –

– Train the Body to become the Movement –

– Move within Stillness, Body and Breath –

During this introductory session, Andrew will guide you towards an increased understanding of the multifaceted mechanisms involved within our bodies, through Qigong meditation and movement exercises. He will explain the importance of instilling a relaxed and natural breath pattern to release physical tension, reduce stress and eliminate mental fatigue, whilst helping you explore our own innate potential to self regulate and heal; toward attaining better health, wellbeing and a peaceful state of mind.