by Dr. Flynn Pettersson – B. Chiro. Sc, M. Chiro

When it comes to our new Chiropractic patients at Beingwell Healthcare, the vast majority arrive for their first visit focused on one thing – pain. When you’re in pain, it’s all you can think about. It affects your work and home life, your relationships, your mental health, and more. We understand more than most just how much pain can affect you.

But is that sudden appearance of pain, from niggling to crippling, really the whole story? Unless you’ve just fractured your spine in a car accident, or something equally traumatic, the answer is a clear and resounding no. I want you to think of pain as more like the tip of the iceberg – something you can see and perceive easily, but that only represents a small portion of the whole picture. Think of what lurks beneath the surface.

For almost everyone that we see, their pain is the result of many years of bad posture, inconsistent exercise, poor dietary habits, and more. Pain might be your sole motivation right now, but it’s a Chiropractor’s job to open up your eyes to rest of the metaphorical iceberg.

Chiropractic care is not only an excellent way to reduce pain, but it primarily works to restore your spine and joints to optimal movement and function. If you went through all the effort of getting yourself out of pain only to walk away thinking, “Out of pain – job done,” you’re setting yourself up for relapse, a recurrence of your pain. You’re not getting anywhere.

Committing to a period of care for pain relief, spinal rehabilitation, and wellness care will not only keep you moving and feeling your best now, but goes a long way to preventing injuries, degeneration and, of course, pain – now, and into the future.

Next time one of your friends or family complains about pain or discomfort, reflect on what kind of lifestyle they’re living and, even if they can’t just yet, you’ll see the rest of the iceberg yourself. And of course, we look forward to welcoming them into the Beingwell community.