Having a poor posture can dramatically change your ability to complete day to day tasks, and can additionally cause tension headaches and various other painful symptoms.

So how do you check to see if your spine is in alignment?

Stand in front of a mirror on the side, and see if your ear is forward from your shoulder. If this is the case, you are experiencing round shoulder. This position can cause incredible tension on your head and may cause you to experience tension headaches and other various symptoms.

The burden on the muscles around the neck and shoulders supporting the head will typically be around 5 kilos, as the head moves forward it 2 – inches it will increase to 14 kilos, and 3 inches forward will cause it to increase to an incredible 19 kilos.

Can you imagine your neck holding that weight for an extended period?
When our head is too far forward, it can create great stress on the brain and also your blood flow will deteriorate.

So set yourself a little reminder to stop every few hours and check in with yourself and your posture.

Benefits of posture collection

Reduce brain fog
Increase circulation
Pull up your chest
Reduce metabolism
Losing weight
And more!

Too tight?

We help you to here! We may be able to assist and reduce pain within joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage, headaches, neck and back pain.

Try our practitioner to get perfect posture and pain-free life!

Change posture changes your life, book in with one of our myotherapists or remedial massage therapist to receive a deep tissue massage, increase your joint mobilisation and your overall flexibility.

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Written By: 

Akiko Kato –  Diploma of Remedial Massage & Dry Needling

Photo Credit: http://www.cuttingedgepc.com.au