Health Programs


Energy and Bounce

Do you struggle out of bed? Or do your bounce out of bed? Having low energy levels is becoming a very common problem in our society. Like a car, if your body is under stress, over worked and poorly nourished consistently, it will run out of energy. You can replace your car, but you cannot replace your body. We start by assessing the real cause of your poor energy levels and this may require further tests to objectively diagnose it. A detailed program will then be formulated to address your deficiencies whether it may be biochemical (food), physical and emotional. By naturally restoring your health, you will bounce again. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Stress Less

‘Stress’ usually involves physical, chemical and emotional responses. This will lead to inflammation which ultimately causes sickness and disease in our body’s processes. Common conditions and diseases such as cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, infertility, to name a few, have all been linked to stress. To stress less, our team of practitioners will assess your symptoms and identify your ‘stressors’ using various diagnostic tools. From the results, we devise a management plan to empower you to react more positively to your stressors. The management plan may include nourishing your body and mind with brain foods, acupuncture, herbs, counselling or life coaching, chiropractic to restore your nervous system and activity. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Lose Weight

Excess weight is an indication of stress. You may feel puffy, sluggish, tired and have constant low energy levels. Shedding the excess weight starts with you making a decision to take action. At Beingwell Healthcare, a complete health analysis will be undertaken to examine possible biochemical, metabolic, nutritional, lifestyle or emotional causes of your weight gain. Functional and general pathology tests may be used to diagnose your situation. The results will then be used to formulate a personal program of weight loss to restore your vitality. Specific recipes and cleansing plans may also be given together with a activity program that suits your current lifestyle. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Boost your Immunity

Your immune system protects your body against foreign agents such as parasites, bacteria, viruses etc. If your white blood cells, lymph nodes and its network are weak you will become more susceptible to infection, fatigue and stress. At Beingwell Healthcare, we commence by assessing your current immune strength (i.e health of your white blood cells, lymph glands, cellular toxicity, antioxidant levels etc). A boost program is then devise to strengthen your immunity. This may include the use of nutritional medicine, herbs, minerals or supplements and breathing techniques. Click here to make an enquiry/booking


Your body including your skin is exposed to toxins, chemicals, pollution and stress everyday. We go through life accumulating all these by-products without completely removing them from our systems. Most of us will service our cars annually or biannually – how about your body? At Beingwell Healthcare, we prepare you to detox by assessing and testing your toxic load. A specific and personal detoxification program is then designed for you and your level of toxicity. It may take 3, 7, 14 or sometime 28 days depending on your toxicity. Whole foods, juices and supplements may be used…naturally. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Better Digestion

You are what you eat and also how you digest. If you are suffering from; constipation, diarrhoea, bloatedness, diarrhoea, reflux, heart burn, nausea after meals, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, or colon cancer to name a few, your digestive system may not be digesting, absorbing and eliminating waste effectively. This program aims to detect the cause of your problem which may include specialised pathology testing (e.g. liver detoxification test). A detailed program is formulated to manage your symptoms and treat the underlying cause of your digestive problem. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Natural Fertility

For a seed to sprout, you must make sure the conditions and the soil are optimal. This philosophy can also be applied to our bodies. In order for us to create a family, we must ensure both parents create a fertile environment and eventually, the building blocks for a healthy baby. In conjunction with modern technologies (i.e. IVF, ICSI, ovulation inductions etc) our team of health practitioners will identify and manage the causes of infertility, such as polycystic ovaries, poor sperm motility, hormonal imbalances, and other challenging causes. Our focus is to ensure your environment is optimal for fertilisation. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Great Expectations (Pregnancy)

Ensuring that both parents are in optimal nutritional and physical conditions will increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and a health baby. At Beingwell Healthcare, we assess your health status and design a conception plan to maximize your opportunity. Once pregnant, it is just as important to ensure the health and growth of the baby as well as the vitality of the new mother. 60-75% of most new mothers are under-nourished in Australia. Common symptoms such as morning sickness, heartburn, cramps, tiredness, emotional upsets, lack of concentration and mental focus, varicose veins and excessive weight gain can all be addressed and prevented by using safe and effective professionally prescribed natural medicines. Symptoms such as back, neck and pelvic pain can also be effectively managed by our gentle chiropractors and massage therapists. And then there’s the post pregnancy period, which can be both rewarding and challenging as parents adjust to the demands of a new infant. Issues such tiredness, loose muscles and weight gain can be addressed by our health practitioners. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Diabetes and Prevention

Diabetes is rapidly becoming a major problem in western society. Our eating habits are filled with sugars, refined carbohydrates, process foods, soft drinks, fast foods, alcohol and drugs that require continual production of insulin (hormone) by the pancreas. Like most things, excessive stress or over-use will lead to failure and disease. Diabetes (type 2) is the inability of insulin to regulate the amount of sugar in your blood. The solution is to heal and strengthen the involved organs involved and reduce the stress. At Beingwell Healthcare we will assist you by managing your eating habits, lifestyle and any possible emotional causes. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Healthy Heart

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of Australians. The heart plays a vital role in pumping blood to and from all your organs. Testing for important risk factors in relation to your heart and circulatory system (i.e. cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL/LDL, FBE, blood pressure etc) helps detect problems before they become symptomatic. An individualised program is then formulated for you based on any abnormal findings. This usually involves natural, simple eating plans, lifestyle improvements as well specific nutritional supplements to support your heart. Post testing is usually recommended for objective measurements to see if you have improved. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Positive Ageing

Botox or Notox? Age well or Age quickly? The choice is yours. The buzz concept is positive ageing and not waiting until you are old and diseased before you start a program of positive ageing. Positive ageing means slowing the process of maturation and enjoying the good things in life (i.e travelling, golf, tennis, children, family and friends) and being healthy and vital. At Beingwell Healthcare we have a program that encourages healthy ageing. We start by assessing your current health status using cellular health analysers to bio-scanners to assess your cellular and antioxidant levels as well as specific pathology tests. From the results, we use natural effective methods of preventing and manage common age onset conditions such as wrinkles, arthritis and musculoskeletal problems, memory loss and dementias and heart diseases. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Stronger Bones and Joints

Your bones and joints are central to locomotion and support. Early onset of arthritis (rheumatoid and/or osteo), osteoporosis and other common bone and joint diseases can affect your quality of life. Research has shown certain foods can assist in decreasing the inflammation process while other foods can accelerate inflammation causing pain and swelling. Our practitioners may use acupuncture, nutritional medicine, chiropractic to reduce structural stress, massage therapy to promote circulation as well activity programs (i.e tai chi, swimming, yoga etc) to arrest early onset of bone and joint diseases. Click here to make an enquiry/booking

Natural Menopause

Are you experiencing hot flushes, mood swings, appetite changes, night sweats, weight gain and cloudy thoughts? You may be going through peri menopausal or menopausal symptoms. At Beingwell Healthcare we use specialized diagnostic methods to assess your hormonal status and overall health status. We then develop a management plan using acupuncture, nutritional medicine, herbs as well as counselling to specifically treat and manage your symptoms associated with menopause. Click here to make an enquiry/booking