PURIFICATION with Dr Anthony Yeuong
Understanding the anatomy of your brain and how it creates states of anxiety and nervousness in your body. Dr Anthony yeuong will be educating and empowering you to understand on the process in which each occurs and what you can do to manage and guide your thoughts and feelings to a higher level of control and great biological health.

Date: Saturday 15th of November
Time: 2-3pm
Cost: $20 for 2 people
Location: Beingwell Prahran


RPM Class with Dr Anthony Yeuong

Date: Wednesday 3rd of December
Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Cost: FREE for Beingwell clients

yoga class
FLOWING ENERGY with Dr Anthony Yeuong
Dr Anthony yeuong will be discussing the latest diagnostic test will have to measure with 98.7% accuracy the quality of your thyroid gland and its activity. Imbalances in the hormones released will lead to poor levels of energy, weight gain in different parts of your body as well as mood disorders. A demonstration of the test will also be performed.

Date: Saturday 18th of January
Time: 2-3.30pm
Cost: $20 for 2 people
Location: Beingwell Prahran
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