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Restore your spines health and whole body wellbeing with our Chiropractic solutions

Beingwell Healthcare has been developed with one person in mind – you. Our chiropractic clinics are built on the experience and expertise of our health specialists to serve the people of Melbourne, offering chiropractor services to Prahran, South Yarra, Moorabbin and Toorak residents.

We’ve developed an integrative range of services, programs and diagnostic testing to assist you to correct health imbalances and reduce the risks of future chiropractic problems including neck and back pain, and migraines. Beingwell Healthcare adopts a holistic approach to chiropractic services and will be delighted to assist you and your family on a personal journey to optimal health and vitality.

Beyond chiropractic, we provide a range of services with massage, sports massage and myotherapy among the many we offer in Melbourne. Our treatments are proven successes, having helped many of our patients recover quickly and efficiently from various ailments and injuries.

Chiropractic treatment for migraines, back pain & more in Melbourne

Chiropractic is a natural art and science of diagnosis and correcting stress in the joints of the body, particularly the spinal column. Central to the philosophy of Chiropractic is the idea that the nervous system supplies our muscles and organs with nutrients.

Because the spinal joints have the most influence on the nervous system (as it protects it), correcting imbalances in the spine forms the basis of optimal health. It restores your body’s innate ability to heal your muscles and organ function. Chiropractors in Melbourne effectively manage a range of pains and ailments, including:

  • lower and upper back pain
  • neck and joint pain
  • whiplash
  • pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • sciatica
  • sporting injuries such as tendonitis and strains
  • stress related muscle pain
  • digestive orders
  • recurrent headaches and migraines by correcting neurological imbalances

Chiropractic is a gentle process that works with, not against, the body. At Beingwell Healthcare, our chiropractors use gentle techniques to restore mobility and alignment to the framework of your body. A variety of tests are performed to assess your structure and movement and x-rays may be recommended. Techniques that may be employed range from manual techniques such as manipulation or mobilisation to more gentle methods such as Activator Techniques, Cranio-Sacral, Sacro-Occiptal, Applied Kinesiology, stretching and soft tissue.

Our Melbourne Chiropractic services ensure our patients achieve optimal health throughout their lifetime. If you’re based in Prahran, South Yarra, Toorak, Moorabbin or one of the nearby local suburbs, book an appointment with one our reputable Chiropractors. Call us on (03) 9827 0886 or get in touch online.